How To play Dragon Vs Tiger | 100% Winning Tricks

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Dragon Tiger is a fast- paced action game that’s extremely popular in Asia. Due to its simplicity and speed of play, Dragon Tiger, which began in Cambodia, has come one of the most popular live summerhouse games in the world.

How To play Dragon Vs Tiger

There are multitudinous distinct table configurations available when playing Dragon vs Tiger online game in India. Some will have a dragon and a barracuda, and others will have the philanthropist’s name inscribed on a piece of virtual felt, while others will use a card or totem to represent them. But anyhow of how the game appears, playing it’s still really simple. The whole Dragon Tiger rules are listed then.

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Trick To play Dragon Vs Tiger

  • Place a ₹10 wager on the tiger game. If you lose the first round, use the martingale approach, which involves doubling your wager in the next round.
  • Place a ₹20 bet on the Tiger side during the second round.
  • If you lose in the second round, gamble twice as much in the third round, for a total of ₹40. To enhance your chances of winning, you must stick with the same side, in this case, the Tigers.
  • Keep in mind that if you win the third round, your stake on the next round must be reset to the starting bet of ₹10.
  • It’s best to start small with your initial wager if you want to perform this technique correctly. It will be easier for you to meet the established betting limit because you will be doubling your bet every round.
  • Furthermore, since your chances of winning rise with each round, you must continue to wager on the same side. When you reach the third round, your chances of losing are only 15.50 percent. The Martingale technique will not work if you swap sides in any of the rounds.

Types of Bets and Payouts Of  Dragon Vs Tiger

Avoid the tie bets

Even if the tie bets pay you 8 to 1, you should avoid tie bets. Simply because the house has an edge of 32.77%. The house edge of 32.77% is based on 86,320 hand combinations.

Of 86,320 hand combinations, you will lose your bets in 79,872. Because only 6,488 are tie bets from 86,320 hand combinations.

Do not rely on betting systems

Dragon Tiger can seem to be a game where betting systems can work, due to its simplistic nature. But beware, no form betting system will work.

Place your bets on Dragon or Tiger

The house edge for both Dragon and tiger is 3.73%. That is why your best bet is to always make your bets on Dragon or Tiger. Because it is a simple strategy to put in practice.

If you think that Dragon has the highest hand, make your bet on Dragon. If you think Tiger has the highest hand, bet on Tiger.

Learn to count the cards

Since Dragon Tiger is such a simple game, it’s perfectly suited for card counting.

For example, since 7s are the losing cards, you can check how many 7s are dealt from the deck.

A similar strategy can be applied to cards with value 8s or above. Check how many 8s are dealt from the deck to know when to place your bets on small or big.

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